About Purr-fect Kitty – Cat Sitting, Dog Walking and Dog Boarding in Bromley

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Purr-fect Kitty is a pet sitting service based in Shortlands, Bromley run by myself, Sharon.¬†¬†I started off as a cat sitting service in Bromley and the surrounding area but quickly expanded into dog walking in Bromley, dog sitting at the client’s home and dog boarding/day care in my home.¬†¬†Occasionally I¬†have help from various members of my immediate family.¬† This is usually when there is a puppy or kitten involved, as you can imagine.

I offer a first class cat sitting service allowing your cats to stay at home while you take a break.

I offer a dog walking/day care service for dog owners who are out at work or out for the day and I also dog sit puppies and older dogs who just need some company and a toilet break.  I usually walk three/four dogs at a time, although I also walk dogs individually if requested and time allows.

My dog boarding service is very popular as dogs are looked after in my own home as part of the family and enjoy group walks with my regular dogs. It is advisable to book dog boarding a few months in advance.

I have been cat sitting now for 6 years and dog walking/boarding in Bromley for about 4 years. All of the cat sitting is done by myself and when I take a holiday clients are advised well in advance and offered cover by another pet local pet sitter.  My Pet Sitting Service is very discreet and I do not vehicle advertise or wear a uniform advertising my pet sitting service.


A bit about Me:

I’ve¬†lived in Shortlands, Bromley now for 22 years and for 13 years¬†I helped¬†run¬†our family business, Duncans Chemist on Bromley Hill, so hopefully some of you will already know me.

I’ve¬†always had cats, hamsters and fish and at one time had three cats who all loved lots of attention.¬† I used to be a volunteer with the Cats Protection League and all three cats were rescue cats.¬† The idea was that I’d look after them until a home had been found for them.¬† Well that was the idea!¬† I soon realised that I wasn’t cut out to be a foster carer because I ended up keeping them all!

I firmly believe that a pet becomes part of the family and just as we make sure our children are well cared for, we should also make the same provision for our pets.  It is with this in mind that I set up Purr-fect Kitty, the Bromley Pet Sitting Service.

Whenever¬†I went on holiday¬†I always liked the idea of¬†my cats having a bit of social time with the person who was coming in to look after them.¬† In fact¬†I used to ask them if they could stay and watch tv or a film on some of the days so that they would be spending more time with the cats.¬† Luckily they were very accommodating because¬†I couldn’t bear the idea of someone just coming in for two minutes and then leaving each day we were away.¬†¬†I offer a service to¬†my clients along those lines ie if they are away for a while they can ask for longer visits on some of the days¬†I am¬†cat sitting and¬†I find this is very popular.

Get in touch if you would like to know more about the services I provide or to check my availability.  You can ask for a quote by using the form on this website or communicate your request by email or the contact form.  I will then get back to you as soon as I can to arrange a free consultation.

I look forward to speaking to you.

Call me on 07931 960838 or email info@purr-fectkitty.co.uk to see what I can do for you.